[Spoiler] Troisième extrait !

Episode 12 : Games Ponies Play

Avec ce nouvel extrait offert par Entertainment Weekly, on peut dire qu’on a vu presque l’entièreté du début de l’épisode. Une image tiré de l’extrait, et qui va briser des fan fictions, dispo également dans la suite !

Conductor: Tickets.
Applejack: Oh, this is gonna be a real treat. Princess Cadance said she’d never seen the Crystal Ponies so excited.
Rainbow Dash: Duh! Of course they’re excited. They’re up for the Equestria Games. It’s only the biggest sporting event in all of Equestria.
Rarity: Didn’t Cloudsdale host the Equestria Games one year?
Rainbow Dash: No. Cloudsdale should have hosted the games one year. I’ll never forget when we got the bad news.
Female announcer: The Equestria Games go to…the city of Fillydelphia.
Young Rainbow Dash: NOOOOOOOOOOO!
Rainbow Dash: These Crystal Ponies lost a thousand years to an evil king’s curse. They’ve had enough bad news. No way we’re letting them experience the pain of losing out on these games.
Twilight Sparkle: Exactly. Princess Cadance is counting on us to do our part to convince the Games Inspector to choose the Crystal Empire. And we are not gonna let her down. Are we?
Pinkie Pie: NOOOOOOOOOOO! What? I was just answering Twilight’s question.

Le père de Rainbow Dash ? Son grand frère ? A vous de voir !

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